MCHP Administration Team

Picture of Chuck Shelton, CEO
Chuck Shelton,
Picture of Angie Silvers, Medical Office Manager
Angie Silver,
Picture of April Briggs, Financial Officer
April Briggs,
Financial Officer
Picture of Kayle Buchanan
Tim Evans,
Director of Grants
Picture of Jeannette Dellinger, FNP, Quality Manger
Jeannette Dellinger,
Risk Manager
Picture of Tammy Hoilman, Executive Administrative Assistant
Tammy Hoilman,
Picture of Tina Burnette, Nursing Manager
Tina Burnette,
Nursing Manager
Casey Griggs
Casey Griggs,
Quality Manager
Jessica Tipton, Care Manager
Jessica Tipton,
Care Manager
Picture of Kayle Buchanan
Kayle Buchanan,
Administrative Assistant