Celo Health Center History


For over 65 years, the Celo Health Center provided care in the building built in 1946. In 2002, Celo opened our new, state of the art facility, right next door to the old. Thanks to the generosity of the community, and many private and public foundations, none of the cost of the building was passed on to Celo patients.

Our patients enjoy a warm-feeling, attractive building, a convenient covered patient drop-off and an ambulance entrance, adequate parking, eleven exam rooms, a room for procedures, minor trauma and urgent care, lab facilities, a comfortable scenic waiting room and rocking-chair porch.

The Ground floor provides 3 complimentary care offices and waiting area rented by local practitioners. Currently one office is shared by an acupuncturist and massage therapist. Another office is occupied by a chiropractor. We have a large classroom for rent suitable for classes, meetings and seminars. Cooking facilities are available for nutrition classes

Due to the generosity of The community and several foundation grants, Celo was able to build the new facility without incurring any debt. We were so fortunate to receive donations large and small from hundreds of others in the Celo community.