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Our Story

Our Story

Our roadmap has lots of twists and turns but our commitment to providing quality care to our community has remained the same for more than 75 years.

MCHP roadmap

BCHC merges with Celo Health Center


2017 - BCHC and Celo Health Center           became Mountain Community           Health Partnership (MCHP)

MCHP Dental Center opened


Burnsville Health Center 

- 2022

MCHP roadmap

1947 - Celo Health Center opened 

1960's - The only health clinic in Bakersville closed and the community is left without a               doctor

Concerned citizens of Bakersville
called a meeting to discuss opening a new clinic

- 1971

1974 - Bakersville citizens raised $11,810.18 to open a new clinic, NC Rural Health Service provided $25,000

1974 - Bakersville Community Medical
         Clinic (BCMC) opened 

2012 - BCMC applies and is                  approved to be a Federally               Qualified Health Center                    (FQHC) 

Spruce Pine Health Center opened

- 2013

2014 - Bakersville Community Medical                   Clinic (BCMC) becomes Bakersville                 Community Health Center (BCHC)

We don't know where the road will take us next but we are here for the ride.

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