Before Your Virtual Care Appointment 

  1. If you do not yet have an appointment, use the link or call the number at the bottom of the page. 

  2. To see if your device is ready for Virtual Care...

Tips For Best Call

  1. Be ready 10 minutes before your appointment

  2. Use a private room with carpeted floors. This will help with echo

  3. If you're using a laptop and the Wi-Fi signal is bad please use an Ethernet cable

  4. Make sure your computer has been restarted within one day of your appointment

  5. Try to have as few tabs open in your web browser as possible

  6. Make sure to have your phone plugged in during the appointment

  7. While in your provider's virtual waiting room do a pre-call test 

  8. If your camera is blocked use these instructions.  Un-Block camrea

Checking in on Chrome

Checking in on Firefox

Checking in on Safari

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