Here's what you need to know....

We are using a new website for telehealth appointments!

If you have scheduled a video call appointment you will receive an email and a text asking you to “check in here” or “activate your account” 

If you are comfortable doing so, you may create your account and check-in for your appointment ahead of time

After you have created your account, you can login for your appointment 10 minutes early and a nurse will start the video call with you

By creating your account, you will eventually be able to...

  • Login for your appointments ahead of time, saving valuable time for you and your provider

  • Monitor and update vital signs at home (heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.)

  • Sign forms and update insurance from home or on a tablet in the waiting room

How to check in for your telehealth appointment

Need help setting up your account?

Call Celo and ask for Nick: 828-675-4116


Call customer service: 844-961-2226

Learning how to check in from home for telehealth appointments

If you do not have an appointment yet or forgot your appointment time, please call one of the numbers below:

(828) 675-4116 (Celo)    |    (828) 688-2104 (Bakersville)

Request an appointment on our Patient Portal​ Or call 828-688-2104

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