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The WeCare2 program strives to provide exceptional care and treatment to adolescents and young adults ranging from 15 - 30 years of age who have experienced a recent onset of psychosis or are at risk of first episode psychosis in Yancey, Mitchell, Avery, and Burke counties. The WeCare2 program opened in August 2023 and is now accepting patient referrals for assessment and development of an individualized treatment plan.

Through a multidisciplinary team effort, the WeCare2 program supports the individual and their family
with a recovery-based approach to engender hope and promote healing. Working together, our expert
psychiatrist, social workers, and mental health professionals provide patients with psychiatric and clinical assessments, pharmacotherapy, individual and family therapy, art and social-skill building support groups, peer support services, and employment and education support.

The goal of the WeCare2 program is to improve an individual’s ability to live independently, build
healthy and sustainable relationships, and to succeed in employment or education. Recovery-based
services are utilized to achieve optimal recovery outcomes and prevent relapse.

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