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Community Health Workers

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Food Donation

At MCHP, our Community Health Workers (CHWs) are essential members of our staff who provide a wide range of invaluable services to the members of our community. They are caring, compassionate, and dedicated individuals who strive to help those in need. They work together with local agencies to offer several services, such as:

  • Interpretation/translation services

  • Informal counseling/guidance on health behaviors

  • Advocate for individual and community needs

  • Blood pressure/blood sugar screenings, as well as assistance with other chronic conditions

  • Provide culturally appropriate health education and information

  • Transportation to health care appointments

  • Food delivery/grocery shopping

  • Heating/cooling and other bill assistance

In addition to providing these services, our CHWs also serve as trusted sources of information and support by helping to connect community members to the services they need, the agencies that can help them, and the food they need to survive.

For FREE assistance with any of these programs, please call any of our offices or reach out to Amber Dillinger, our Outreach Manager directly at or 828-688-6621

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